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Command line

Command line utility called "acnp.exe" can be found in the same directory (usually "C:\Program Files\AntiCutAndPaste") as GUI application and help file.

Usage: acnp.exe [options] [-o output] file(s).. [-p plagiarism_source(s)..]
  -h or -? Display this message -r Recurse subdirectories
  -o Output file name -i Ignore line breaks
  -w Do not compresses white spaces -m Do not skip comments
  -d Do not exclude same name files -g Do not skip string constants
  -u Compiler-style report -b Brief report
  -a Full report (All details) -v Verbose report
  -p Show the plagiarized text from the plagiarism_source(s)
  -[digits] Min. words/lines to match -k[digits] Max. lines to report
  -e[lang] Filter by file extension -l[lang] Force language
  Languages: c++, java, c#, vb, delphi, text
Sample usage:
  acnp *
  acnp -o report.txt -lc++ -16 ..\include\*
  acnp -r -ec++ my.cpp my.h -p c:\apache\*.cpp c:\apache\*.h
  acnp "C:\Documents and Settings\*.txt"