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Some years ago I used Turnitin software (when it was free!) and later recommended it to my college. Recently I had an incident where Turnitin let me down badly, and so I downloaded AntiPlagiarist. I was so impressed with your software that I paid for it myself!
Christopher Thorns BSc BA
Lecturer in English

Tired of cheating students or lazy colleagues? Want to be sure you don't repeat yourself just a little bit too often? Try AntiPlagiarist!

AntiPlagiarist quickly compares multiple documents searching for plagiarism - copied and pasted fragments of text. Suspicious findings are reported in the convenient format that shows just what you need to see. Plain text, HTML files, and numerous word-processing formats are supported, including Microsoft Word and Word Perfect.

New! Internet search is available.


- You want to stop developers cutting and pasting code? Why?
- This is Software Engineering 101, for heaven's sake!!

The modern software industry has a tradition of copying and pasting source code. This is the single most widely distributed method of producing less-than-perfect programs. Thousands of large and expensive projects contain literally millions of identical or nearly identical fragments of code costing millions of dollars per year for additional support and maintenance. Enter AntiCutAndPaste!

AntiCutAndPaste is designed to search for text fragments that have been copied and pasted in programming language source code or plain text. It is tested on sources from large C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, and C# projects. AntiCutAndPaste will yield surprising results not only with publicly available sources samples but also with your own projects awards. AntiCutAndPaste takes little time to download and is fast and easy to use. Don't hesitate to try it.