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Introducing AntiPlagiarist

Tired of cheating students or lazy colleagues? Want to be sure you don't repeat yourself just a little bit too often? Try AntiPlagiarist for free!

AntiPlagiarist quickly checks multiple documents searching for plagiarism - copied and pasted fragments of text. Suspicious findings are reported in the convenient format that shows just what you need to see. PDF, Plain text, HTML files, and numerous word-processing formats are supported, including Microsoft Word and Word Perfect.

Key Features

What Customers Are Saying

Some years ago I used Turnitin software (when it was free!) and later recommended it to my college. Recently I had an incident where Turnitin let me down badly, and so I downloaded AntiPlagiarist. I was so impressed with your software that I paid for it myself ! The story is as follows.

One of my A-level students produced two pieces of coursework which read like the work of a much more widely educated writer. Turnitin did not report any dependencies in either essay, but I could not let it rest. I borrowed a copy of Brodie's Notes and checked her first essay against it: every single paragraph had been copied from Brodie! That's when I downloaded and ran AntiPlagiarist against the second essay: it picked up 88 fragments which matched files on my pc -- chapters from secondary critics which I'd scanned, trimmed and given to my students as handouts. ...

I am delighted with AntiPlagiarist. ... Thank you for a superb program - one which I wish I'd written myself!

Christopher Thorns BSc BA
Lecturer in English