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AntiCutAndPaste FAQ

Q: You want to stop developers cutting and pasting code? Why?
Ben Taylor

A: This is Software Engineering 101, for heaven's sake!!

You should avoid cut & paste code reuse, because it leads to multiple copies of the same code, all modified differently. This becomes a maintenance nightmare when you have to change something fundemental in the code, because you have to apply the patch to all the copies.

No, the best way to reuse code is to modularise it, or at the least ensure that you are using a source code management system, and fork the codebase at the appropriate point.
Mark Alexander Bertenshaw

Q: Why your software rejects any Cyrillic letters saying something like "Excluded file ... - binary (non-text)"?
Alexander Mintchev

A: It was a bug in the first released version. Please download version 1.0.1 or above - it is fixed now.
ACNP Software